This seal caused chaos sunbathing on an airport runway in Alaska

Facebook / Scott Babcock

Sure, seals like to sunbathe. Famously, they live the best life lounging around on beaches.

So did this 450-pound adorable lump really have to catch its rays on an airport runway instead? No, but it doesn't care what you think.

A seal was found by airport foreman Scott Babcock on a runway in Utqiagvik, Alaska. He kindly posted a video to Facebook for those of us who don't have enough chillin' seals in our lives.

The bearded seal, the largest breed of Arctic Ocean seal, was far too busy relaxing to sweat the small things, such as blocking off each and every take-off from the airport.

It eventually had to be removed - via a snow blower and a sled, obviously - but not before it caught some serious rays.

Understandably, it looks quite annoyed with the airport authorities for interrupting its down-time:

Babcock told ABC News:

It was very strange to see the seal. 

I've seen a lot of things on runways, but never a seal. 

Babock said on Facebook that the airport was quite far away from the sea.

But one Facebook user had a theory of how the seal got there.

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