Sean Hannity calls CNN host ‘humpty dumpty’ in playground-style war of words

Sean Hannity calls CNN host ‘humpty dumpty’ in playground-style war of words

Fox NewsSean Hannity is bringing it all down to elementary school levels of pettiness after angrily calling Ben Stelter a “fake news Humpty Dumpty” after the CNN host accused him of “spreading poison.”

The sourness between Stelter and Hannity didn’t seem like it would let up as Hannity criticized Stelter’s “bombed” book sales and show ratings.

On Sunday, Stelter used his Reliable Sources show to talk about the issues of the Fox News host’s rhetoric.

“Don’t get numb to this abusive language... it is through these insults, through these attacks that Hannity wields power,” Stelter said.

He then addressed the topic of “opinions.”

“It is not opinion what Hannity does. Hannity is spouting something else—Hannity is spouting poison,” Stelter.

“There is nothing healthy and constructive about it; it’s destructive. And the language gets more and more vile,” he continued.

As a result of Stelter’s commentary, Hannity took to his Twitter to essentially clap back.

“Haha. This is awesome!!! Poison to Fake News Humpty Dumpty is the truth I reported this week that his highly promoted book “BOMBED” selling less than 1800 copies and he can’t even get 800,000 viewers to watch his socialist propaganda. Ha,” he wrote.

“Brian lives rent-free in your head, Sean,” someone commented on his post.

“You have a problem with the truth,” another added.

But despite people making these comments to Hannity, his tirade didn’t stop there.

On Monday, Hannity took to his show to continue insulting his supposed arch-nemesis, accusing the news outlet and the president Jeff Zucker of promoting fake news.

“Humpty is not a journalist, he’s a partisan hack. He does whatever Jeff Zucker tells him to do and despite his title as media correspondent. He’s not one,” Hannity said.

On the topic of what is considered a poison to media, Hannity continued with the following: “His definition of poison must mean that I tell the truth, that his book and his show is a failure.”

Through the criticism of the show, Hannity reassured his audience that he would not change and speak his truth, saying, “Mark my words pro-stalker Humpty will never police my rhetoric, my opinions.”

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