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Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity have been engaged in a war of words on Twitter, after the comedy show host made fun of Melania Trump’s accent.

During his show, he mocked the First Lady’s accent as she read to children during the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Following that, Hannity called Kimmel a “despicable disgrace” on his Fox News Show. He said:

That’s her fifth language. How many do you speak?

However that wasn’t the end of it, and Hannity took to Twitter and called Kimmel a ‘pervert’.

And so began the argument

Hannity called Kimmel a "pervert" and a "racist"

But Kimmel threw the ball back

He told Hannity that every woman who participated in the comedy bit he was referring to was willing - unlike the victims of Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual harassment and assault.

Hannity called Kimmel "Harvey Weinstein Jr"

To his credit, Kimmel didn't rise to the bait

And went on to throw clown-style jibs his way

Hannity appeared to exhibit selective hearing

And Kimmel had to reiterate that all the women involved in his skit were willing

Eventually, Hannity devolved into playground tactics

And Kimmel told Hannity he enjoyed the public beef

But Hannity was like a broken recorder

And it looks like Kimmel got the last word

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