Sebastian Gorka left red-faced after accusing a parody Nintendo account of promoting incest

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Donald Trump's former aide turned conservative radio host Sebastian Gorka is no stranger to getting wound up about LGBT+ inclusion in pop culture.

Just a few weeks after he claimed that a culture war was being waged on American families because two male characters got married on the kids' TV show, he was back on the same agenda.

In a since-deleted tweet, Gorka became irate that Nintendo was promoting incest after he saw an illustration of fictional video game brothers Mario and Luigi kissing each other in a tweet seemingly celebrating Pride month.

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We're not entirely sure how the 48-year-old saw this tweet but embarrassingly for him, this tweet didn't come from an official Nintendo account.

Except it was from a fan account that was just celebrating Pride month, albeit in a very odd way. The original tweet from Nintendo News TWT is still live.

Unfortunately for Gorka, despite him removing his tweet it has since been captured by Twitter and it is likely to go down as one of the great embarrassing Twitter moments and yes he is being mocked for it.

The only silver lining that Gorka can take from all this is that he wasn't the only Trump supporter to have been caught out by this tweet.

Still, it looks like he is taking it all in his stride...

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