A taxi driver refused to drive an actress because she used a wheelchair. Then something amazing happened

left: Shannon Murray/Twitter screengrab, right: iStock/Getty Images

The actor Shannon Murray has shared a heart warming story of solidarity online.

Murray, a regular on the Doctor Who spin off programme Class has posted a tweet about the kindness of strangers which has gone viral.

Attached to the tweet is a story of thanks.

Murray, a wheelchair user, says that on Tuesday night a taxi driver refused to take her as a passenger because she was using a wheelchair. This was despite the fact she knew her chair would fit in the boot of the taxi.

According to Murray, the driver shouted at her rudely, and demanded she use a larger cab from taxi queue at Cardiff Central station.

Murray said she took another cab, and that other people waiting at the taxi rank refused to ride with the first driver who had been rude to her.

Her post, thanking the 7-8 people who refused the driver business, has been shared over 2000 times and liked by more than 7000 people.

Update (25.05.17)

Speaking to indy100 Murray confirmed that she had reported the driver to Cardiff City Council, the body that regulates taxi licences in the city.

She added that she remained 'flabbergasted by the incredible response', and was pleased that a few of the kind strangers from the queue had since been in touch with her.

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