Huge shark kills itself while trying to attack divers in chilling footage

Huge shark kills itself while trying to attack divers in chilling footage
Shark attacks are on the rise worldwide, scientists researching why
Scripps News / VideoElephant

A huge shark has beaten itself to death trying to attack a pair of cage divers in shocking viral footage.

Sharks are known as some of the most ferocious creatures in the ocean, having been responsible for several deaths, maulings and close calls with humans.

But some divers who were hoping to get a glimpse of the apex predator got way more than they bargained for after a shark tried desperately to reach them inside their diving cage.

The great white shark ended up unintentionally killing itself as it became stuck after trying to ram itself into an underwater cage. Blood could be seen pouring from the shark’s gill area as it thrashed.


Reportedly, after 25 minutes of frenzied thrashing, the shark broke its neck and died, before starting to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Footage of the frightening incident went viral on X/Twitter after it was first shared on YouTube in 2019.

According to the original video, the incident took place near Guadalupe Island in Mexico. The resurfaced footage has left many shocked and concerned for the safety of the animals.

“Let's be clear. That shark is dead because of the people that were there and baited him in the first place,” one person argued online.

Another said: “That's terrible. I hope they fix the cage so sharks don't get stuck like that again.”

Someone else questioned: “Why do they insist on building these cages with so much room between the bars?”

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