The Do’s and Don’ts of Grocery Shopping

When out doing the weekly food shop, it can be difficult to pile up the groceries without getting fragile products squashed - and while it may be accepted as just one of those things, one mum has spotted a helpful trolley feature.

Gemma Bird, (@moneymumofficial) shares money tips on her TikTok and Instagram but has recently revealed a way to stop the squishing of our shopping by stacking the precious items in a particular section of the shopping trolley.

"Did you know what they were for?" she wrote in the video, as the camera pointed to the trolley and lifted up the section opposite the baby seat to reveal two circular shaped holders and show how it was perfect for holding a baguette and a bouquet of flowers.

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"Did you know this? Let me know, I’m in shock, I didn’t haha," the TikToker added in the caption.

"Is this just me, or did you realise these existed on trolleys?" as she places flowers and a baguette into the designated holders which can be found on the farthest end of the trolley as you push it.

The camera then panned to Gemma who was "still in shock" as her jaw dropped in astonishment after discovering this feature.


Did you know this??? Let me know I’m in shock I didn’t ha ha #trolleys#foodshop

There were plenty of people who shared their reaction to Gemma's trolley tip.

One person said: "Flip it round so it's in the small section then put the flower etc in," to which Gemma replied: "Amazing thanks for the tip."

"I thought they were for wine," another person wrote, as Gemma responded: "Well they can be hun."

Someone else added: "Yep. Some have a space below for big packets."

Definitely trying this out for the next big food shop...

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