Boss turns up in employee's bedroom after they called in sick

Boss turns up in employee's bedroom after they called in sick

A woman has turned to TikTok with claims of a creepy ordeal that saw her boss unexpectedly standing at the end of her bed when she called in sick.

In her initial clip which went viral with almost seven million views, Mish (@mishyymbabyy) wrote: "When I called out of work and was sleeping peacefully but I woke up minutes later to my boss standing at the foot of my bed saying that he came to pick me up."

Inevitably, her strange story made TikTokers demand more context – and Mish certainly delivered.

In a follow-up clip, Mish explained how she was working at a local restaurant. She lived with a housemate, whose bedroom was on the first floor and hers was on the second. He headed out to the garden practice playing the guitar and must have left the door unlocked.

That day, Mish rang in sick from a stomach bug. But to her horror, she woke up to her boss standing at the end of her bed.

Her boss claimed to have knocked on the door, but it was open, so he decided to let himself in.

"That’s when I woke up. And he’s standing at the foot of my bed, kind of waving at me," she said.

"'Hey, hey, I know that you called out, but maybe you just don’t wanna drive, and I’ll drive you in, and then you could still work,'" she recalled her boss reportedly said.

She told him he was inappropriate for turning up at her house unexpectedly and without permission.

A few weeks later, Mish was allegedly fired because her ex-partner was harassing her. Her ex egged the restaurant thinking Mish would have to clean up the mess, but ironically, it was the same day she was let go.


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It didn't take long for horrified TikTokers to flood the clip with comments.

One wrote: "PLEASE TALK TO A LAWYER ASAP IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!!! you could easily retire asap if you fight this in court. this is SO illegal."

Another added, "he genuinely thought this was okay??? I hope u called the cops," to which Mish responded: "I didn’t but I wish I did, even though I really don’t think they would have done much."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I thought it was only in movies where people just walk into other people’s homes without being invited in 😭 it doesn’t matter if it’s unlocked."

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