Single mom with 4 kids struggles to find new home after fire

A single mother took to TikTok to share the "annoying" comments that have been hurled her way.

TikTok user @pocket_sizedhuman recently gave birth to her daughter August in March. She has since created a video series of all the rude things that she faces on a daily basis.

The TikToker Bee also shares some of the challenges she faces as a mother with her followers.

“We didn’t invite you as thought you’d be uncomfortable being the only one with a baby,” is one of the rude comments Bee has heard.


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Another “annoying thing” Bee mentions to her followers is when other moms tell her that they are “basically a single mom when my husband goes to work”.


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"It’s lone parenting… my husband was military so I parented alone but I wasn’t single. I had his wage and his emotional support… VERY DIFFERENT!!" read one comment underneath.

"’Im a solo mum, my partner works 3 weeks away at a time and is only home for 1 week out of the month but I don’t say single mum, it’s solo mum," said another.

“This annoys me so much,” one person wrote in the comments.

And the third rude thing Bee is regularly told is that she doesn’t “look like a single mom”.

“What are we supposed to look like? Is there a specific look?” Bee writes in the text overlay of her video.

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