Couples are saving their relationships with a 'sleep divorce'

Couples are saving their relationships with a 'sleep divorce'
Staying financially secure during 'divorce season'

Americans are having 'sleep divorces' to save their relationships, with over 2,000 people altering their sleep routine to help accommodate their other half.

A recent study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that more than a third of participants opted for separate beds to ensure they have a good night's rest.

More people used eye masks, ear plugs and even opted for an earlier or later bedtime to avoid sleep disruption.

Dr Seema Khosla, a pulmonologist and spokesperson for the AASM, said: "We know that poor sleep can worsen your mood, and those who are sleep deprived are more likely to argue with their partners,"

"Getting a good night’s sleep is important for both health and happiness, so it’s no surprise that some couples choose to sleep apart for their overall well-being."

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'Sleep divorce' has even found its place on TikTok, with almost half a million views under the emerging trend.

Urologist Rena (@renamalikmd) took to the platform to explore the concept, saying more and more people are moving towards it.

"That doesn't mean that they're not having sexual relations," she disclaimed. "It's just that they either choose to sleep in separate beds in different rooms or different beds in the same room."

Unsurprisingly, many viewers were on board with it, with several sharing how they do it themselves.

"I've been doing that since I got married 29 years ago," one person wrote, while another added: "I sleep in different beds. Best sleep ever."

"Nothing wrong with that," a third commented. "Especially if you don't want to be in a zombie state every day."

"As humans, we should be sleeping separately to have good quality sleep," another user added.

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