McDonald’s customer punches employees because they wouldn’t mix three slushie flavors together

<p>She slugged a staffer after a slushie snub</p>

She slugged a staffer after a slushie snub

Facebook/David Allen

A customer got angry and attacked multiple McDonald’s staff members because they wouldn’t make her a layered slushie with multiple flavours.

The disgruntled customer in the Ravenna, Ohio McDonalds began to physically attack employees after she was unsatisfied with a drink order, according to a report from WKYC.

Police told the local news station that the incident began after the customer, a 44-year-old woman, was told she could not mix her drinks together at the store’s soda fountain.

The saga was posted to Facebook in a 3-minute video, presumably by a different customer present, who wrote that he “just saw this.”

The woman struck at the McDonalds employees, who took on defensive measures, with one yelling “Are you f***ing crazy?”

She also told the customer she would “destroy” her if she was touched.

The store’s manager asked the woman to leave, but she refused. She then briefly attempts to explain herself, apologising to the store’s workers and saying: “Sorry, I have been up all day.”

But then roughhousing begins again, and the threats increase.

“She can put you in jail,” one employee tells the woman, referring to a coworker. “She’s got you on video, you assaulted her and me. You hit me and her — you could go to prison.”

WKYC reported that she did end fact end up being arrested and fined $1,000. She was also told not to return to the McDonalds location.

The video shows the woman being handcuffed and taken away at the end.

She’ll have to find a new slushie spot.

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