Man tries to flirt with a group of women at once, accidentally creates 'lesbian sex cult'

Man tries to flirt with a group of women at once, accidentally creates 'lesbian sex cult'
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Group chats are great for loads of things. They're ideal for keeping in touch with all your mates at once, sharing memes and organising nights out.

However, they aren't great for trying to hook up with people or asking for nudes, both of which are tricky enough without trying in a public forum.

Spare a thought then (or not) for Kyle, a college in the US who decided to simultaneously message numerous girls for nudes on Snapchat, but only succeeded in creating a group chat which exposed his illicit plan.

At this stage, Kyle may have hoped that his group chat would have been ignored, but it soon became a huge hit with the girls he had messaged as he was mercilessly trolled.

Twitter user @springbreak2005 shared pictures of the group chat on Twitter and it soon went viral.

What was one man's quest to get laid soon turned into a true sense of community, a rebellion against men and possibly a lesbian cult?

Predictably the replies were almost as good as the original tweet and to be honest, they literally told a thousand stories.

Someone even recreated the opening to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia using the group chat as inspiration.

Later reports confirmed that nudes were sent, presumably, Kyle wasn't around to see them.

We can't be sure whatever happened to Kyle, but we can be certain that this is the last time he will ever ask anyone for nudes.

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