Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart may have just created the highlight of the Tokyo games, as they joined forces to provide hilarious Olympic commentary on equestrian dressage.

The pair have been hosting Olympic Highlights with Kevin Hart & Snoop Dogg on NBC Universal’s Peacock streaming service. Their most recent episode had everyone in hysterics as they reacted to a sporting event they had no knowledge of.

In the ‘Cold Call’ segment, the rap legend and comedy icon weighed in on the equestrian dressage event – a competition judged on technical training, rhythm, and communication between horse and rider.

Snoop’s reaction was priceless, “The horse’s crip-walking, cuz. You see that?” He then called the horse’s moves “gangster.”

“This horse is off the chain – I gotta get this mother***er in a video!” he hilariously added.

The comedic duo sent Twitter into a frenzy; one user begged for the pair to be the commentators for “everything Olympics”, while another found their “favourite thing in life.”

This isn’t the first time the ‘dancing horses’ caught the attention of the internet. In a viral TikTok – that has since reached a whopping 8.3 million views – Jenny Roldan (@heyjenay) paired the horse’s performance with the popular TikTok song, ‘Rick & Morty’.

One commented, “The timing in this video is impeccable”, while another said, “TikTok discovering dressage is SENDING ME.”

Another joked that the horse “had more rhythm than 70 per cent of TikTok.”

You can watch the full video here.

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