Some people have been very critical of Zara's new 'ungendered' fashion range

If you've been on the Zara website recently you may have seen a small change, which has subsequently solicited a big reaction.

The clothing company, with no fanfare or press release, added an 'ungendered' line to online stores around the world, seemingly in an attempt to step in line with movements calling for greater genderfluid inclusion.

If you haven't seen the line, it looks a little like this:

Some reaction has been positive, calling it a huge step forward:

While others have sought to point out the line consists mostly of traditionally masculine clothing, in flat colours, worn by distinctively male and female models.

For instance, there are no skirts or dresses currently included in the collection:

What do you think? Let us know in the poll below:

Zara did not immediately respond to indy100's request for comment.

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