Finally, the petition we've all been craving – a call to "Stop people on the internet setting up frankly barking online petitions."

These days, people seem to create pages for just about everything. And a lot of the time they're ridiculous.

Holding authorities to account is a necessary component for democracy. But the internet has lost its way.

Four months ago, Ben Fletcher tried to gain signatures to get behind swapping a Daily Mail columnist with 50,000 Syrian refugees.

Catherine Weingarten, meanwhile, campaigned to get a "fat" emoji removed from Facebook, while Tina Reeves probably set up the worst of all – asking to entirely close the UK's borders until Isis is defeated.

Tina lives in Spain.

Writer Twll Dun is the individual behind the latest petition.

On it, he explains:

Everyone on the Internet is mad. They keep on setting up deluded petitions which they think will achieve things. They won't. Please help stop them.

Dun has penned the online letter to David Cameron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

So far, more than 200 people have signed the protest, which went live on Friday. It follows numerous petitions directed to the UK government through its website.

Supporter David Bennun, from Brighton, summed up the mess that is online petitions rather brilliantly:

I cannot cope with the idea of people thinking things I do not think, believing things I do not believe, or reporting things I do not agree with. They must be stopped, and furthermore everybody whose views are not in accord with mine, and whose actions do not support the things I want to happen, should be sacked from their job immediately. Only then, when everybody is doing exactly what I want, will we achieve the fair, equal and pluralistic society for which I so ardently clamour.

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