Comedian's campaign launch for 'Nadine Dorries leadership bid' is the best one yet

Comedian's campaign launch for 'Nadine Dorries leadership bid' is the best one yet

Comedian's campaign launch for 'Nadine Dorries' is the best leadership bid yet ...


After Boris Johnson resigned as leader of the Conservative Party last week, Tory MPs have been launching leadership campaigns in the race to replace him.

As it stands, 11 MPs have officially thrown their hat in the ring to become the next Tory leader and the country’s Prime Minister.

Some of the campaign videos to emerge so far online have been… interesting, but one comedian’s parody campaign launch for Nadine Dorries is possibly the best one yet.

Comedian Sooz Kempner is well-known for her political parodies and swigged a bottle of rum and smoked during her video.

Wearing a bright blonde wig and sitting in front of a Union flag, “Dorries” called herself “the mother of safe internets”.

Slurring her words, she said: “People have suggested my catchphrase be #GoNads because it's inspirational and it means that I'm so great.”

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Kempner also poked fun at the fact that Dorries was one of a small number of MPs that still absolutely supported Johnson up until his resignation.

She mocked: “What would I do as Prime Minister? Well everything is already great already thanks to the amazing gentleman who led us through the pandemic and also World 12.

“A hero, thank you Prime Minister, and so what I will do is just, like, more of that.”

Kempner pointed out that the 200,000 Conservative party members voting for the next PM represent the number of people in the UK to die from Covid.

Responding to the clip, one person said: “This is brilliant.”

Another wrote: “When parody becomes more believable than real life.”

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