Viral TikTok shows women ‘removed from Southwest Airlines flight’ after ‘confronting passengers over seats’

A video that shows two women leaving a flight after apparently asking fellow passengers to swap seats with them has gone viral on TikTok.

The incident is said to have happened on a Southwest flight from Sacramento to San Diego, California last month.

A TikTok account called @official_norcal_mom recorded the women allegedly getting kicked off the flight. The footage has gone viral with nearly 770,000 views.

You can watch the video in full here.

At the beginning, the TikToker explained in the text that the flight had already been delayed for two hours when the two women boarded just before the aircraft closed its doors.

Southwest airlines have a “pick a seat” policy, which is a first-come-first-served system, where passengers can take any available seat. So, as the flight was nearing takeoff, the aircraft was pretty full by the time the two women arrived.

The TikToker gave a detailed account of what happened along with the footageTikTok/official_norcal_mom

The TikToker then described how “Karen and Karen 2.0 thought everyone else should move so they could have an aisle seat”. Text on the video alleges that one of the women began yelling at passengers, demanding they move so she could sit in an aisle seat.

The start of the video begins with the flight attendant talking to the young woman.

“We have families,” the flight attendant told her. “We have little kids. We can’t have people yelling.”

One of the women replied and explained that they were trying to “make [an] announcement.”

Another crew member can be heard asking the women to return to the jetway before saying they would call a supervisor.

The young woman replied: “It’s okay, we’ll just go sit down, she [the alleged mother] can just cry and scream on the plane. She’s going to grab onto you and scream and cry.”

“OK ma'am if you’re gonna say things like that, then we’ll have to put you on a different flight,” another crew member informed the young woman.

The older woman denied that she was going to do this.

Eventually, the women grabbed their belongings and were escorted off the plane. The TikToker claimed in the text on her video that the passengers applauded when this happened.

Indy100 has contacted Southwest Airlines for comment.

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