Spider-Man stunt at Disney Theme Park goes horribly wrong

Spider-Man stunt at Disney Theme Park goes horribly wrong
Spider-Man crashes during show at Disneyland's Avengers Campus

A Spider-Man stunt at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim went horribly wrong.

In a report from FOX 11, the Spider-Man robot crashed during a show at the park's Avengers Campus, which was newly opened.

And on Thursday (9 June), the Instagram account @mdglee_szm posted a video of the robot in motion.

Once the robot was propelled into the air with a chord that mimics the web Spider-Man uses to maneuver around, it came crashing down into a building.

As noted in the report, the robot should have landed on the building.

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People didn't hesitate to take to the comments to make jokes about the failed flight.

One wrote: "Poor Peter, that's karma for breaking the spell," while another added, "Burnout happens to the best of us."

A third wrote: "No animatronics were harmed in the making of this video."

"If you should get hurt on the job, call Finkelstein, Levin, and Rubin...we get money for you! Good news, we have already been in contact with this robot, and he is still in ICU," a fourth added, seemingly getting in touch with their inner infomercial salesman pitch skills.

Another person who decided to come up with a title for another Spider-Man film wrote: "Spiderman: My backkk."

Someone else added: "His Spidey senses were off."

The show was paused for a brief period of time, but fortunately, the show was resumed on the same day.

The Avengers Park in Disney California Adventure Park opened up on June 4, 2021.

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