Sympathy for Starbucks workers after TikTok video shows avalanche of mobile orders moments after opening

TikTok video footage shows Starbucks employees struggling to keep up with an influx of orders barely 10 minutes after the store opened received over 76,500 views on the platform.

The video posted by Ria, who goes by @a_problem_like_maria on the platform, shows two Starbucks personnel placing a slew of order stickers along the counter's edge. "This was literally ten minutes after opening," the video's text-over screen said, with Ria captioning the video, "laughing through the pain."

Ria also took to her video comments and wrote, "Y'all I had to pull all the stickers out because our other sticker machine was down and we had to get cafe and mobiles!"

Check out the full video here.

People in the comments expressed their sympathies while also talking about some of their experiences and how they would react to the situation.

"I feel bad doing mobile orders because I don't tip cuz I already paid mobile, and I never seed tip jar when I go to pick up," someone wrote.

"Yeah, we got a 45 drink order, and the person got mad it took too long, another added about what they endured as a barista.

A third believed Starbucks baristas are "real MVPs" and wrote, "Dude, Starbucks employees are real MVPs. Idk how they do it."

Others thought that this was the perfect time to take a minute break.

Responding to a comment asking what time the coffee shop opened, Ria noted that this Starbucks location opened at "8am" and that they're on "reduced hours" because they're short-staffed.

The scenario depicted in the TikTok video appears to be a common occurrence for Starbucks staff as someone wrote, "I'm gonna show this video to anyone who says I'm not allowed to complain about my job."

It also seems relatively normal to have a "crying corner" at another location, as someone else mentioned.

Nevertheless, experiencing busy days comes with the territory.

indy100 has contacted Ria for comment.

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