Man accidentally submits STD results as a cover letter for his dream job

Man accidentally submits STD results as a cover letter for his dream job
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When applying for a job, applicants are always told to proofread everything, but double-checking what files you've attached should also be top of your checklist after one man accidentally sent his STI results instead of his cover letter for a job application.

TikToker Jacques Paul (@jacqupot) confessed to the file mix-up in a video to his 32,000 followers and used the Muni Long song "Time Machine," which has become a popular viral trend where people use specific lyrics in the song, "I wish I had a time machine" in order to share embarrassing stories about themselves.

"That time I was applying for my DREAM job at my DREAM company but accidentally submitted a PDF of my STD test results as a cover letter," he wrote with a crying face emoji and later revealed he had tested negative in his results.

Since revealing his mortifying moment, Paul's video has received 1.2m views, 116,000, along with hundreds of comments from people who cracked some jokes about the situation.

One person quipped: "Hard Worker, always gets Positive Results."

"Well at least they seen some positivity from you," another person joked, to which Paul replied: "PLZZZ [please] I was all neg[ative] thankfully."


And thats on having #GayDHD

Some also light-heartedly noted how the employer in question would see Paul is a responsible person.

One person wrote: "HR: 'all negative nice, we stan a responsible king, hired.'"

"As you can see from my cover letter I am responsible and care about the safety and wellbeing of others," another person said.

Someone else added: "I mean if anything it shows responsibility."

While others couldn't quite believe this happened to the TikTok and could only imagine if they were in this scenario.

One person said: "I would have simply passed away."

"HAHAHAHAHA I would simply need to move to another country," another person wrote.

Though someone did try and reassure Paul that the employers may not have even read the cover letter: "Oh bestie, as a hiring manager I assure you absolutely no one read that cover letter. We barely have 30 seconds to skim your resume."

In a follow-up video, Paul updated his followers to give them more context on what happened after finding his "dream job" at the height of the pandemic which could solve his problems.

He then went on to draft a "beautiful cover letter," updated his CV to reflect the job responsibilities and applied - it was only when he already had sent off the application that he realised the blunder.

"I monumentally screwed up because I attached my STD results which I just received the same day. I have ADHD so I tend to multitask a lot so that's probably where everything just went wrong.


Reply to @turtleenigmatic @jacqupot Explaining more about the STD / job application debacle #gaydhd

"Thankfully all my tests were negative," he added. "I never heard back from the company I'm probably blacklisted somewhere, probably there's like an HR note being like 'DO NOT INTERACT.'"

"I decided to share it because I wanted to destigmatise sexual testing and sexual health but also I saw that a lot of people were anxious about applying for jobs and typos on their cover letters so I figured this is a good story so people feel less anxious over their own mistakes," Paul explained.

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