Fox News contributor drops strong contender for worst climate take of 2023

Fox News contributor drops strong contender for worst climate take of 2023
Newfoundland’s plan to turn wind into clean energy — and sell it

Fox News contributor and climate change denier Steve Milloy has some thoughts on wind being a form of clean and human energy.

In a New York Timesop-ed piece, journalist Ezra Klein described the exciting possibilities of using clean energy sources like nuclear fusion, solar, geothermal, wind, and more.

"Clean, abundant energy is the foundation on which a more equal, just and humane world can be built," Klein wrote.

But Milloy does not agree.

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Responding to Klein's article, Milloy tweeted that Klein missed two points with his statement about clean energy leading to a more humane world.

"1. Wind power made the trans-Atlantic slave trade possible. 2. Modern 'clean' energy has been a disaster," Milloy wrote.


Milloy's claim insinuates that because wind - the natural movement of air across the Earth's surface - helps boats move across oceans, it is partially responsible for the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 16th to 19th centuries.

The hot take quickly gained traction on Twitter with over 600k views and 567 quote tweets from people mocking Milloy.





The wind is considered an abundant and reliable clean energy source that can be used to power electricity.

In the last 10 years, more countries are looking to replace traditional energy sources with wind turbines to switch to help diminish carbon emissions.

But with Milloy's logic in place, wind and other natural elements like water and heat, are responsible for devastating events on Earth.





Milloy has been an outspoken denier of climate change, claiming that humans have no impact on climate change.

He has also disputed scientific claims against second-hand tobacco smoke, claiming there is no study that proves the association between cancer and second-hand smoke.

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