Remainers have been getting confused over how to spell ‘Stop The Coup’

Remainers have been getting confused over how to spell ‘Stop The Coup’

It may not be the biggest problem facing the UK right now but Remainers might want to check their spelling before they try to stop Boris Johnson’s “coup”.

Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament this week has been met with widespread outrage, with accusations that he is acting in an “anti-democratic” and “authoritarian” manner.

In response, pro-EU campaigners have rallied around the hashtag “StopTheCoup” to organise protests against the government.

But unfortunately, another hashtag was also trending yesterday – “StopTheCoupe”…

We can argue all day about whether Johnson is actually staging a coup but we should be able to agree that Brexit has nothing to do with coupes.

For anyone who doesn’t already know:

  • Coup - a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.
  • Coupe - a car with a fixed roof, two doors, and a sloping rear.

Some people, such as former Dragons’ Den investor Rachel Elnaugh, have claimed that the StopTheCoupe hashtag is actually “weapons grade psyops” by Johnson’s special advisor Dominic Cummings.

Although it seems unlikely that anyone in Downing Street has time for manipulating a hashtag right now.

Remainers would probably be more successful if they remembered that politics doesn't just happen on Twitter.

And if pro-EU campaigners can’t even hold a hashtag together, there’s surely not much hope for stopping Brexit...

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