Stripper shows TikTok how much cash she makes during a quiet shift

Stripper shows TikTok how much cash she makes during a quiet shift

A stripper has shared in a viral TikTok how much money she apparently makes during a quiet Monday shift.

TikToker Rose filmed the highlights of her working day and documented every earning she made after clocking in on a quiet Monday afternoon.

The video starts with the on-screen text: “Come to work with me for a Monday day shift as a stripper.”

At 1:10pm, the club is empty. She pans around showing empty tables before turning the camera back to herself where the on-screen text reads: “Really hoping it’s not like this all day.”

Things started picking up as the afternoon wore on. After her first stage set at 1:40pm, she earned $41 (£30) and at 2pm, a client paid her double for two dances, pocketing her $100 (£72).

Her second stage set at 2:20pm bagged her $47 (£34), with the third set an hour later earning her $24 (£17). At 3:45pm she did a two-for-one dance, pocketing $30 (£22).

She was busy between 4:45pm and 5:30pm, doing a fourth stage set worth $28 (£20) and getting paid $60 (£43) to sit and chat with a customer for 30 minutes.

She then had to divvy out tips to the DJ and the bar ($21 (£15) and $17 (£12)) before doing another stage set for $15 (£11).

The evening then hit the “dead zone” as she filmed herself putting her feet up at 7:15pm. Thankfully at 7:45pm she was able to get back to the staff area to count her earnings.

The grand total? $315 (£229)!


This was so much work 🥵 #striptok #skripper #strippatok #cometoworkwithme #accountant

“No house fee on Monday, pack mule time,” she wrote as she posed in the mirror before leaving the locker room.

At 8pm, she made her way to Five Guys for a post-work treat.

“Not bad for a slow Monday! Goodnight,” she wrote before ending the video.

Since uploading the video Rose has received almost 400,000 views and over 28,000 likes.

The top comment reads: “Thank you for making something more accurate and realistic compared to what some creators post.” Rose replied saying: “I’m so done with these girls claiming 20k in a weekend.”

She said that in bigger clubs girls may make more, and although her other club is much bigger it’s an hour away. She said she chooses to work the day shift because the night shift doesn’t suit her schedule as a student.

Another commenter wrote: “For a slow day! You killed it. If I was an attractive female I’d be a dancer too bros” along with a dancing and laughing emoji.

Another user asked: “You’re telling me you make $40 an hour on a MONDAY?”. Rose replied: “On average, yes. But it varies.”

Replying to another user who asked how long she plans on staying in her job for, she said: “I’m planning on doing this until I finish college, which I will hopefully do debt-free because of my income here, and with investments in place.” She added that the job is helping her reach her long-term goals as she receives no financial support from her family.

“As someone that spent 10 years in this industry, thank you for posting something realistic,” another TikToker wrote.

Responding to comments comparing her job to being a server without “dignity”, she said she is now her own boss and has more control over how she does her job.


Reply to @the3facesoffoley I have never felt as degraded as a $tripper as I did as a waitress. #skripper #striptok #accountant

She said although there are creepy guys in the club, there are also creepy guys in restaurants and bars, too. She said if a waitress is harassed, more often than not they have to grin and bear it since “the customer is always right”.

On the other hand if she’s bothered at the club, she said she can stand up for herself and management will back her up.

She also said she receives compliments all the time in her current job.

FOMO, anyone? If stripping isn’t for you, we hear serving at Hooters is a lucrative gig.

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