Do you know how easy is to pay off your student loan? Let Ebony Horton’s story, featured by the good folks over at Business Insider, inspire you.

In 2013, Horton owed $100,000 in student loans, but was earning $38,000 (£31,000) a year.

She explained:

I was struggling to survive.

It gets worse. Horton had two cars, but:

I couldn't even afford to get a parking pass for the second car, so it was constantly getting towed. It was just one thing after another.

Her loans ballooned to $220,000, but luckily, Horton managed to get through it.

She did this by:

  • Taking a managerial job at her mother’s company and moving back in with her parents
  • Her mother gave Horton her condo as a gift 
  • She rented out the condo and moved in with her grandparents 
  • She bought another two condos to make more money 
  • She and her husband put 95 per cent of their combined income toward Horton’s loan, making $10,000 repayments every month 
  • When one of their cars stopped working, Horton made the “sacrifice” of not replacing it

To anyone who feels overwhelmed by the prospect of taking on student loans, Horton has a simple message for them: “I just want them to feel empowered that they can pay if off. If I can do it, anybody can.”

People are really grateful for her advice:

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