Students in San Francisco staged a walkout after their school attempted to hold an anti-abortion assembly.

An alleged student at Archbishop Riordan High School took to TikTok with a brief clip that showed masses of teens headed to the school’s exit. “My school tried to hold a pro-life assembly, so we walked out”, @nolegon explained in the text overlay.

“She compared Holocaust deaths to abortion,” he said in a comment about Almon’s presentation.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the “all-school assembly” featured “a prominent anti-abortion speaker,” Megan Almon of the Life Training Insitute. Almon works with a program that encourages people who are anti-abortion to “persuasively defend their views in the marketplace of ideas.” They send speakers to Catholic and Christian schools everywhere.

While the school would not allow students to leave campus during school hours, The Chronicle reports that only a few dozen out of 800 sat through the entire presentation.

The clip has received 2.6 million views in three days and has since been inundated with thousands of comments, one of which hailed the students “legendary” while another said they were “really proud” of the school for walking out in protest.


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“We can’t have comprehensive sex education in schools, but we can have anti-abortion assemblies in school? Okay,” another highlighted.

One disgruntled TikTok user commented, “Ah yes, run away instead of being open to critical dialogue. Look, you can disagree with something, but you shouldn’t run away from it.”

The student responded that it wasn’t until she compared the abortion rate to the Holocaust that they all opted to walk out.

“She came to talk with each class after, but she didn’t listen at all,” he added.

indy100 has reached out to Archbishop Riordan High School and TikTok user, @nolegon.

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