The NSFW 'sunning your hole' TikTok trend is back

The NSFW 'sunning your hole' TikTok trend is back
Medical experts warn of dangers with new TikTok challenge: mouth taping

A unique wellness trend simply refuses to leave TikTok, with more and more people giving it a go.

Sunning your hole is exactly what it says on the tin – the idea that pointing your bare bottom at the sun will "increase your vibrations" and make your energy levels surge.

One TikTok user, Abushady, told Vice: "It’s a feeling you can’t really describe unless you experience it,

"It’s like the sunlight fills your being from the bottom up."

Also known as perineum sunning, the hashtag alone has racked up an impressive 2.8 million views from intrigued users.

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Visit TikTok to discover videos!


Visit TikTok to discover videos!

People have been gushing over the said results, with one claiming they had "better sleep, balanced hormones, more energy, higher libido, increased creativity, sweet freedom, [and] a nice tan [butt]."

Another suggested it allowed them to attract "people who are on the same frequency and wavelength as me".

Meanwhile, others claimed it works wonders for vitamin D levels.

However, a doctor has since took to TikTok exposing the risks of the NSFW trend, candidly urging: "Please don’t harvest solar energy with your butthole."

In a recent clip, Dr Karan Raj explained: "The perineum is an area of thin tissue between your back passage and your genitals. The reason it’s called the area where your ‘sun don’t shine’ is because biology and evolution made sure that it was hidden away. The rays from the sun can increase the risk of burning, irritation and skin cancers.



A second professional, Dr Kattan added: "These trends are actually getting ridiculous, I do not recommend that you do this under any circumstance."


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He concluded: "Your genitals are meant to be covered and down there, so they're not exposed to the sun,

"If you're looking for vitamin D supplements, just go to your doctor."

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