Conspiracy theorists think Super Bowl Halftime stage had sinister other use

Conspiracy theorists think Super Bowl Halftime stage had sinister other use
Dr. Dre confirms NFL bosses made 'minor changes' to Super Bowl Halftime ...

Conspiracy theorists are at it again.

Remember the white shipping container-like stage Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar performed on during the Super Bowl Halftime Show? Well, some people believe the stage is the same as FEMA internmentcamp containers.

In a Facebook post, a user put side-by-side photos of the stage and containers and linked a YouTube video implying the NFL is satanic. Luckily the post is flagged as misinformation but that hasn't stopped other conspiracy theorists from sharing the image on several social media platforms such as Twitter.

Lead Stories fact-checked the photo of "FEMA camp containers" and found they were actually Chinese quarantine containers used in January 2021 during a Covid outbreak. A FEMA spokesperson confirmed to Lead Stories that "this claim is absolutely false."

Additionally, a reverse image search of the quarantine containers confirms that the photo was taken and circulated by the Chinese news agency, Xinhua. The photo was used in aNew York Daily News article last year.

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This is not the first conspiracy theory to result from the Halftime Show. Some believe the Halftime Show was an Illuminati ritual, others believe it was a satanic worshiping ceremony.

Many of the theories come from alt-right groups like QAnon.

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