This video of a man ‘accidentally ruining’ his dad’s surprise party is the funniest thing you’ll see today

The golden rule of surprise parties is that they should be a, er, surprise.

One party attendee, Derek Lipp, didn’t quite get the memo, however, leading to a hilariously awkward encounter that was captured by a Ring doorbell.

Since the Michigan funnyman shared it with his 3.9 million followers on TikTok earlier this week, the video has garnered 2.8 million likes and 17.6 million views.


#surpriseparty #ringseries @drunkderek_

The video starts with Derek sitting on the porch. As his dad approaches the house, Derek shouts: “How are you the last one to show up to your own party? That is messed up.”

It quickly becomes apparent that his dad doesn’t know what he’s talking about as he asks: “What party?”.

“Your birthday party,” Derek laughs.

Derek’s mum suddenly bursts out the front door and asks Derek what he’s doing – and the penny drops.

“It was a surprise party,” she says.

Derek replies: “A surprise party?”, as the birthday boy turns around, looking as though he wants the ground to swallow him up.

The exchange then escalates as his mother shouts: “Are you drunk?”

“Of course I am, it’s a party,” Derek replies.

His mum then shouts that people can come out because “Derek has messed this up”. Derek gets off the chair and remarks: “I was wondering where all the cars were.”

“How stupid can you be?” the woman then yells.

But Derek continues to protest: “You didn’t say it’s a surprise party.”

As if the video isn’t good enough by this point, it ends with a brilliant moment where the woman ushers the birthday boy into the house and spits “thanks a lot Derek” as she passes her son.

One of the top comments, with 124,000 likes, reads: “This needs to be a full series.”

Another user was on Derek’s side, writing: “It’s not Derek’s fault, something tells me Derek was left out of the loop despite being invited.”

“Why was he given alcohol and then left outside unattended,” another asked.

Derek’s Ring doorbell makes regular appearances in his TikTok skits, with each of his uploads regularly receiving millions of views:


Since they’re now divorced I’m starting a girlfriend series #ringseries #newseries


Goodbye mom 😔 #ringseries


Sick of this #momshouse #ringseries @drunkderek_


#ringseries @tommylee_00

Although some have doubted whether the video of the ruined surprise party is genuine, it still doesn’t take away from the hilarity of the situation.

If you don’t have a Derek in your family, chances are you’re the Derek.

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