Ex-wife still has access to Ring doorbell – and bribes mutual friend with her dog to break up new relationship

Ex-wife still has access to Ring doorbell – and bribes mutual friend with her dog to break up new relationship

A TikTok has gone viral after a woman, who still has access to her ex-husband’s Ring doorbell, demanded a bizarre favour from a mutual friend – to break up her former partner’s new relationship.

Derek’s (@dereklipp_ ) footage shows a mutual friend arriving at the woman’s ex-husband’s house. After the woman greets him over the doorbell, the man replies in disbelief: “Oh my god, has Steve still not kicked you off that thing? That’s awesome! What’s up?”

The woman proceeds the conversation over her ex’s doorbell camera. She reveals that her ex-partner has already moved on to a new girlfriend – despite the divorce not being finalised – to which the friend confirms he is “not happy either.”

The clip has received a whopping 16.9 million views@dereklipp_ / TikTok

In a shocking turn of events, the woman demands, “Do something about it! Split them up.

“You ended our marriage”, she added.

As he enters the property, the woman bribes the mutual friend with the dog. “I’ll give you the dog”, she said. Seconds later, he pops his head back out and looks directly in the camera and says, “Huh? You know I love that dog. Call you in an hour” – ironically, as the dog escapes out the door.

<p>The woman bribes the mutual friend with her dog \u2013 after saying he ruined their marriage</p>Fellow TikTokers are desperate to know more @dereklipp_ / TikTok

Derek’s TikTok has since racked up a staggering 16.9 million views with 4.9K hysterical comments. Most were more concerned with the detail that massively got overlooked, that the mutual friend ruined the marriage.

“I love how he doesn’t bat an eyelid at ‘you ended our marriage’ hahaha”, one TikTok user commented. While another added, “Anyone wanna know how he ruined their marriage or am I the only one who caught that?”

One highlighted, “You know I love that dog, he said... As the dog proceeds to run away”, to which another user found hilarious and responded, “The dog was like, hell naw... I’m not living with him.”

“I need... So much more information on this entire situation”, another added, which we certainly agree with.

You can watch the full video here.

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