This guy found a tape labelled 'surprise', but it's definitely not what you were expecting

This guy found a tape labelled 'surprise', but it's definitely not what you were expecting

Depending on who you ask, surprises are either an absolute delight or an undisputed nightmare.

For Twitter user Foone Turing, who goes by the handle @foone, a mystery video tape turned out to contain a particularly shocking surprise - a video of '80s icon Rick Astley singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up'.

Seemingly unamused, Turing picks up the tape and drops it in the bin.

For some reason, the appearance of Rick Astley in comedy videos isn't unique; for years, social media users have been 'rickrolling' one another.

The joke became immortal in the way that random tracks often do in today's digital age - the slew of memes based on Toto's 'Africa' are proof enough that some phenomena can't be explained. But Astley in particular has remained a prank video fixture; a quick flick through YouTube reveals kids using the music video to troll their classmates, and the joke became so popular that even Family Guy spoofed it.

In case you were wondering - and let's be real, you know you were - he's currently gearing up to release a new album, Beautiful Life.

Reassuringly, an official press release reveals that even Rick Astley suffers impostor syndrome - apparently with the release of 2016 album 50 he achieved success that "surprised everyone, even himself."

If you're not content just seeing his face in memes and prank videos, you can even check him out on tour alongside Gabrielle, aka the best pop star to ever wear an eye patch.

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