This is exactly what you'd need to survive a nuclear war

This is exactly what you'd need to survive a nuclear war
Biden says US officials have had ‘discussions’ of response to Putin nuclear …

The threat of nuclear war has stepped up this year following Vladimir Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine, and some are preparing themselves for the worst case scenario.

It’s not surprising – Vladimir Putin claimed he isn't 'bluffing' and accused the West of engaging in 'nuclear blackmail’ recently.

In a rare address to his nation last month, Putin announced a "partial mobilisation" of around 300,000 troops to the war in Ukraine. He added: "If there is a threat to the territorial integrity of our country, and for protecting our people, we will certainly use all the means available to us - and I'm not bluffing."

Now, a British author has spoken about the items he’s put together in a nuclear war survival kit.

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Taras Young, who wrote the books ‘Nuclear War in the UK’ and ‘Apocalypse Ready’, captioned the video: “I tried to build a basic nuclear war survival kit using only bits and pieces I could order online from UK suppliers like eBay and Amazon.”

Creating a Nuclear War Survival Kit in the

“Please note — this is just a bit of fun! You almost certainly won’t survive a nuclear war — even with this kit.”

“This isn’t a real nuclear war ‘survival’ kit, but it might be useful in those circumstances,” Young added.

The most important thing in the kit? A metal entrenching tool, which could be used as a pickaxe. It also features a compass and a shovel for digging out of troubling situations.

The kit also includes tent pegs, a mirror with a whistle attached for attracting aircraft, as well as a fire lighter, a wire saw, potassium iodide, water purification tablets and a knife.

As Young said, though, he wouldn’t trust the items to save him in the event of an actual nuclear war, but instead he put them together while he had Covid as a way of occupying himself - and they might just give you the best chance possible.

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