Couple shocked by landlord's 'insane' response to a normal request

Couple shocked by landlord's 'insane' response to a normal request
Man terrorizes landlord for months, recently breaking into her home through ceiling ...

A young couple was left fuming when their landlord told them to "lower their expectations" after asking him to sign a piece of paper.

The Australian couple spent the past year requesting a reference from their uncooperative landlord – and have gotten nowhere. Taking to a popular Reddit thread, the woman explained that "many rental properties have this as a requirement" in Sydney.

"He has refused time and time again despite us being great tenants," she penned. "These are the text messages he just sent me. What are everyone's thoughts?"

In the initial message, she politely asked him to send the document through "so we can have access to housing as a young couple with a small rental history."

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In a bizarre turn, the landlord shut down her text and said she had "zero concern" for him and his "16 hour days."

"I barely have time to talk to be family, signing references for you and doing a 'young couple with a small rental history' any favours or tasks is so God damn low on my list of preferences," he added before telling her to leave him alone.

"Lower your expectations of others and learn how to handle them on your own," he concluded. "And for god sake, stop bothering me".

The Reddit poster claimed that she even wrote out the complete reference for him "because he was too busy." All he had to do was sign the document.

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She later responded to his "mean message," rightfully highlighting that it would have taken him less time to send over the signed paper rather than the abrupt paragraph.


Hundreds of fellow users headed to the post with their own take – who unsurprisingly sided with the young renters.

"If he can't find time to provide a reference, he's definitely not cut out to run a small business," one said, to which the poster responded: "He actually asked us to find a new tenant for him 'because he was too busy' when we declared that we would be moving out of the apartment, so he is clearly also not cut out to run an investment property!"

Another simply put it: "You are class. The landlord is a c**t. Those are my thoughts."

"Jesus Christ, what a jerk," a third added.

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