Taylor Swift dances 'like a young Theresa May' in resurfaced clip

Taylor Swift dances 'like a young Theresa May' in resurfaced clip
Taylor Swift - Delicate

Taylor Swift’s music video for the 2017 song 'Delicate' has earned her a rather surprising comparison – former British prime minister Theresa May.

The video, which has more than half-a-billion views on YouTube, features Swift dancing through a room full of smartly dressed people as the song plays in the background.

But a post on X/Twitter has gone viral after comparing her to “a young Theresa May”.

And they may have a point. People who take an interest in British politics could scarcely forget the moment when May, at the 2018 Conservative Party conference, walked on stage to Abba’s Dancing Queen.

Her accompanying dance was one for the ages, and drew more than a little mockery on social media at the time.

It was, in fact, a tongue-in-cheek reference to a widely shared video of May on a trip to South Africa months earlier, when she danced with a group of school children.

Swift may not appreciate the comparison – though there are certain similarities between the two, and Twitter users were quick to point this out.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May dances to ABBA's 'Dancing Queen'

One person replied to the post: “Watching that with the sound turned off... It just looks like someone being weird!”

Another wrote: “I'd appreciate it if you refrain from being this accurate again.”

And one other person replied: “The same elegance. The same flow. Truly transcendent.”

Looks like Swift might need to go back to the drawing board on some of those moves.

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