Last week, Taylor Swift released her re-recording of her hit album Red which included a new 10 minute version of her iconic break up anthem All Too Well which she released with an accompanying short film.

This new version of the song unveiled a few more hints about which of Swift’s former partners the song is about with fans of the singer managing to conclude that it was Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal who broke up with Swift before the original release of the album in 2012.

The strongest giveaway that the song is about the Donnie Darko actor is that Swift mentions she was about to turn 21, which is how old she was when she dated Gyllenhaal.

Of course, this spawned a whole wave of ridicule for Gyllenhaal who’d be best advised to stay off social media for the next few days, especially now a TikTok of a nightclub subtly trolling the star has gone viral.

In the clip, shared by @_toxicnoodle, a nightclub in Los Angeles that hosted a Taylor Swift night over the weekend played clips of Gyllenhaal crying from various movies while the Swift banger We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together blasted out from the speakers.

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The clip ends with a particularly critical comment about Gyllenhaal which, in all fairness, does seem a little over the top.


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The clip, which has already been viewed more than nine million times, was filmed at the The Vermont Hollywood venue as part of the ‘Club 90s’ club event.

Another clip shared on the account shows footage of Harry Styles, another Swift ex, being played at the club while the Swift song Style (one of many songs that fans have suggested is about the former One Direction singer) plays to the crowd.


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Despite the attention the Gyllenhaal video has attracted, not everyone is a fan of it and feel that the criticism of the 40-year-old actor has gone too far.

One person wrote: “Am I the only one that thinks the bashing is going a bit too far? I get it but the world doesn’t need to attack him.”

Another said: “This was so unnecessary and shouldn’t be anyone’s business except Taylor’s and Jake’s but the world wanna butt in.”

A third person said: “Oh my god the world is straight bullying this man right now I feel bad.”

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