Britons are furious at the way non-Brits are preparing their tea


A study has found that that microwaving your tea makes the perfect brew.

Tea lovers worldwide are understandably losing it.

Food scientist Dr Quan Vuong, who works at the University of Newcastle in Australia, has a rather niche speciality. He's an expert in enhancing natural products by extracting bioactive compounds with antioxidant capacities.

Simply put, he takes good stuff and tries to make them better with new methods.

During his experiments, Dr Vuong decided to take on Great Britain's greatest love, tea.

After some tinkering with both black and green tea, he found that the practice of microwaving your brew actives a staggering 80 percent of the caffeine, theanine and polyphenol compounds.

These compounds have been found to generate the best taste.

People have taken to twitter to express their mixed feelings.

What do you think?

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