Teenager with best accent ever is concerned about 'frostbit'

Teenager with best accent ever is concerned about 'frostbit'

This is a genuine interview from Northern Ireland's UTV, where a coat-less teenager asked about his journey to school in the snow expresses concern about getting frostbite.

The teen is fast becoming a YouTube sensation not because of his attire but because of his very distinctive accent.

UTV reporter Gareth Wilkinson explains on Twitter he is called Ruairi McSorely. As for his accent? According to Wilkinson, "that's how he talks, you couldn't make him up". We think McSorely may have been putting it on slightly though, given that he is an impressionist and comic (you can see his show reel here).

McSorely isn't the only one feeling the effects of the weather: Across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland more than 200 schools have been closed, while some rail services have been suspended in the Highlands. As yet there has been no disruption in England.

But whatever the weather, it is unlikely anyone will be as excited by snow as Gary, who took this video in Sligo, Ireland. Warning: it contains some slightly bad language.

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