The 10 'grossest' words in the English language

We've all been under the consensus that the word 'moist' is awful, but there are hundreds of other words that are equally gross sounding and Ranker asked people what they are.

It's clear that most people hate words that are associated with bodily functions. 'Snot', 'orifice', 'suckle', and 'secrete' all appear within the top 30. But as the list progresses, the words slowly get worse - and more specific.

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Here are the 10 worst words according to Ranker.

10. Squits

A British slang word for diarrhea. Also can be used to insult somebody.

9. Jizz

To ejaculate.

8. Splooge

Also to ejaculate.

7. Loogie

A lump of phlegm or spit.

6. Moist

Slightly wet or damp.

5. Discharge

To allow a substance to flow out from a confined space.

4. Seepage

The slow escape of a gas or liquid through a small hole.

3. Phlegm

The thick substance that secretes from the mucous membrane.

2. Pus

Thick yellow or green liquid indicates a sign of infection.

1. Smegma

A sebaceous secretion in the folds of the skin.

These are all pretty horrible-sounding words. Although 'fester', 'putrid', and 'fluid' are at the top of our list.

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