Terry’s Chocolate Orange mayonnaise is now a thing – and people aren’t convinced

Terry’s Chocolate Orange mayonnaise is now a thing – and people aren’t convinced

You can always rely on the festive season to take something relatively normal, shake it up and brand it as *Christmas* – take M&S’ (extortionately priced) boujie beans on toast canapes, for instance.

But now, there’s a new Christmas concoction that no one saw coming. In fact, the words don’t even sit right together in a sentence, let alone blended.

Enter: Chocolate Orange Mayonnaise.

Yep, you heard correct. Heinz and Terry’s Chocolate Orange have teamed up and combined two of the nation’s favourite things to create the “world-first festive mash-up that you didn’t know you needed.”

The blend of mayonnaise and chocolate orange segments, creme patisserie and an extra dose of orange oil is a “smooth and delicious spread that works perfectly dolloped onto your festive desserts or spread onto brioche, crumpets, pancakes, or croissants this festive season”, the two brands said.

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</p><p> Terry\u2019s has joined forces with Heinz to create the \u201cworld-first festive mash-up that you didn\u2019t know you needed\u201d</p>Heinz/PA Wire

Naturally, when people heard of the news, they turned to Twitter. One passionate user declared that Christmas is already a disaster: “Christmas is officially ruined on day one because of chocolate orange mayo.”

“Nope nope sorry but this feels like an American + British flavour combo gone bad ~ “Heinz releases Terry’s Chocolate Orange mixed with mayo,” another said.

“Why?” One quizzed, “Often people who really like chocolate really dislike mayo (and the two should never be combined!!)”

While one user was a fan of the concoction, “Heinz has made a Terry’s chocolate orange-flavoured mayo and it sounds amazing,” they said.

After months of making their “most Christmassy mayo”, Heinz sauces senior brand manager Maria Jantchi said: “Here at Heinz, we are always innovating, and love creating fun new limited-edition products that we know our fans will love.

“And who better to partner with for that than the iconic Terry’s Chocolate Orange, everyone’s favourite Christmas treat?”

Terry’s Chocolate Orange marketing controller Laure Gentil added: “Since Terry’s Chocolate Orange launched in 1932, we have never stopped innovating, growing, and launching new formats and flavours to delight our loyal fans.

“We are proud to be continuing this Christmas with our mayo mash-up, which works perfectly as a delicious spread.”

The mayonnaise follows Heinz launching its “Christmas in a can” – a Christmas Dinner soup complete with turkey, Brussels sprouts and pigs in blankets – last month.

The mayonnaise is not available for consumers to buy. Instead, 200 jars will be up for grabs in a competition running until December 13.

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