Driver thinks Teslas can see dead people after pedestrian warning light flashed in empty cemetery

Tesla cars are renowned for their quirky, state-of-the-art features; from keycard access to Netflix streaming and autopilot mode. And now, according to one TikToker, Tesla can now add paranormal activity to the ever-growing list.

In a creepy TikTok clip, which has racked up a whopping 3.3 million views, a Tesla driver and some over-excited passengers take a spin around a dark, deserted cemetery.

As they slowly make their way around the empty driving path, the Tesla sends a hazard alert. The pedestrian warning system suddenly lights up and shows a figure to the side of the car, several times – but in a creepy turn of events, there’s no one in sight.

The driver is repeatedly heard yelling, “I told you!” as his passengers scream: “There’s another one!”

Another screamed, “I’m so freaked out!”

“Bro, your Tesla sees dead people!” one shouts. “That’s so creepy!”

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Proof ghosts are real? 👀 #tesla #cemetery #tiktokhalloween #halloweendecor #spooky

Some fellow TikTok users weren’t convinced, “Or it detects tombstones and thinks they are pedestrians.”

“It’s detecting the tall tombstones. If anything, it proves it’s rubbish,” another sceptical TikToker commented.

While others were impressed by the spooky revelation: “If I ever get a Tesla, this is the first thing I’m doing”

“Rick and Morty vibes”, another joked.

The trend appears to be catching on with fellow Tesla owners, as this isn’t the first time drivers have documented their ‘paranormal experience’ in the car.

TikTok user @yailinmurillo took to the platform with a clip titled, “So my uncle did this yesterday at the cemetery. Look closely and you can see a dog.”


So my uncle did this today at the cemetery 🤯🤯🤯 look closely you can see a dog !!!! #fypシ #ghost #tesla #cemetery #scarytiktoks #notfakenews

One fellow TikToker claimed to have worked for Tesla, and in a bizarre claim, said that “The sensors are super strong. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re detecting human autonomy from under 6ft under.”

Well, it’s officially October!

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