The ten most annoying things people do without even realising

People on Reddit have been naming a few things that others do when they're trying to help but just turn out to do the opposite.

And, well, not to be naggy, we've taken some inspiration from that and here are 10 annoying things people do without even realising:

1. Unwrapping sweets in the cinema slowly.

The speed of crinkling was not the problem here.

2. Being the third person trying to carry a sofa.

3. Helping to clean up at someone else's house

There's a system! Step away from the drying rack.

4. Saying "I love to laugh"

Really? We hate laughing!

5. Rocking up at the supermarket check out and assuming nobody else has thought to check if the broken self service machine is working

"Oh wow, gosh, we're so lucky you're here. We were just going to keep standing in line until the shop closed or we died. You must be so smart!"

6. Pulling your car past the advance stop line at traffic lights

"BIG - MASSIVE - PICTURE OF A BIKE, we painted it on the floor for your eyes to see and everything"

7. Holding a door open for someone when they're far away

Now you're just making people run, sadist

8. Being rude to waiters

We've spoken to the rest of society and we've decided you should leave

9. Reaching through the crowded pub to put your tiny finger on the bar. You're not King Midas or ET, this isn't a magic solution. You're still behind me in the queue.

10. "I'm just on skype. Come say hi"

Everyone feels comfortable sort of leaning into shot. It's the perfect way to meet somebody's distant friend. Not.

You can of course be excused for none of these.

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