The 17 most awkward logo designs of all time

Robert Peston's new ITV show attracted 166,000 viewers on Sunday, and you can bet that at least half tuned in after they saw the show logo’s unfortunate likeness to male genitalia.

Ok, maybe not, but just in case you forgot, here it is in all its, um, glory:

In light of this eyebrow-raising effort, here are 17 other times over the years graphic design departments got it wrong:

1. The iSmart logo

The company were quick to redesign the logo but it was too late - the Viral Fairy got to it first.

2. Penn Field’s Centre for Children’s Policy, Practise & Research

Picture: UPenn

It's since been changed, but someone must have got into a lot of trouble for this design.

A lot of trouble.

3. Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

Supposedly, back in 1973 someone designed this logo for a Catholic youth group.

4. Kudawara Pharmacy

How did this get client approval?

5. A-Style clothing

Apparently this one is deliberate.

6. Deccan Engineering Enterprises

This also continues to be in use...

7. Sherwin Williams

'Cover the Earth' with blood red paint. Sounds goooood.

8. Mama's Baking, Greece

Fire...never mind

9. The Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Santa Catarina

A padoga in front of a setting sun. Right.

10. Bureau of Health Promotion, Taiwan


11. The National Safe Place, USA

The logo appears to be working against the actual NGO, don't you think?

12. Dirty Bird Fried Chicken

It's a chicken. What were you thinking?

13. Zune

We guess they never turned this one around during the design process.

14. Office of Governement and Commerce, UK

Well, that's not so bad...


15. Hasc Centre

16. Year of the Monkey Poster, Lehu Zhang

Solid 'A' for effort. Not sure about that delivery though...

17. Kostelecké Uzeniny sausages

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