The 20 most delightful dogs from this year's Crufts

Crufts, the world's biggest dog show, has come to an end. Thousands of canine lovers had assembled at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham to watch the finest dogs from around the planet.

While a little black Scottish Terrier called Knopa (above) won the acclaimed 'best in show' award, here are some of the other fine specimens that took part.

A Chow Chow is seen on the fourth and final day of Crufts (Picture: Getty)

A Corgi is groomed on the second day (Picture: Getty)

A Dogue De Bordeaux (Picture: Getty)

A Great Dane called Clyde has his nails filed (Picture: Getty)

A Boxer dog looks out from its kennel on the first day (Picture: Getty)

A Labrador peers from its box (Picture: Getty)

A man arrives with his English springer spaniel dog wearing shoes (Picture: Getty)

A man checks his phone as he sits next to his dogs on the first day (Picture: Getty)

A Pomeranian dog (Picture: Getty)

Another Pomeranian dog being groomed (Picture: Getty)

A Samoyed is pictured on the third day (Picture: Getty)

A Weimaraner (Picture: PA)

A woman arrives with her Spaniel dog wearing a coat (Picture: Getty)

A Yorkshire Terrier waits to be judged during the Toy and Utility day (Picture: Getty)

Dogs and their owners arrive to attend the first day (Picture: Getty)

A man sits with his Komondor dogs during the first day (Picture: Getty)

Javier Gonzalez exhibits the Maltese Sasha, winner of the Toy Group for the Best in Show (Picture: Getty)

A Saluki called Rios, winner of the Hound Group (Picture: Getty)

Theo, a four a half year old Pomeranian dog taking cover from the rain under Meme, a 10 month old Afghan Hound (Picture: PA)
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