Picture: Getty/iStock
Picture: Getty/iStock

Brace yourselves, Instagram clean eating culture is coming to rob you of your beloved fry up.

A new study of Australian breakfast habits by Galaxy Research has found that more than half a million Australians are coupling vegetables with cereal.

Popular combinations like courgette and oats are prompting a shift towards savoury bowls of cereal to start the day.

Cathy Gair, a food sensory expert at The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, told news.com.au that the trend may simply be responding to our sensory and nutritional needs:

Satisfying our senses naturally increases the variety of foods we eat and is an evolutionary trait that helps us meet all our nutritional needs by ensuring we get a range of vitamins and minerals from an array of different foods.

The study also found that around two million Australians posted a photo of their breakfast on Instagram at least once a week.

Which could go some distance to explaining healthy choices.

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