Evergreen trees covered in lights and tinsel are an essential part of Christmas and as a result we never forgive substandard firs in public spaces.

This year, local authorities have (not) let us down producing their fair share of barely-visible Christmas cheer.

1.Beeston, Nottinghamshire

A Christmas tree (pictured above) was taken down after it began leaning too much to one side.

2. Stockport, Greater Manchester

How sad can a Christmas tree get before Boxing Day? This is how sad:

3. Manchester

It may be big but does using green and red Pringle tubes really this pyramid festive? Nope, unless you count it is obvious commercial agenda.

4. Lewisham police station, South London

First it was "kettled" and now it has been decorated by police tape...

5. Birstall, Leicestershire

This bright blue cone has understandably be criticised for looking more like Mickey Mouse's Fantasia wizard hat than a Christmas tree.

To add to local disquiet, the installation will cost the council £21,000 over three years to rent and store...

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