The internet loves this photo (and so will you)

The internet loves this photo (and so will you)

The above picture was taken by John Blanding for the Boston Globe on September 15.

It shows people waiting to catch a glimpse of actors in gangster biopic Black Mass arriving for the film's premiere at the Corner Theatre in Brookline, Massachusetts.

It may look fairly innocuous, one of hundreds or thousands of similar photos to be taken of cheering crowds, who could have been waiting in line to be seeing pretty much anything. But this weekend it went massively viral. Why? Take a closer look at the woman third from the left in the foreground.

Did you see it?

She is the only one in the photo not looking at her phone.

Wayne Dahlberg, a designer from Utah, got more than 6,000 retweets for circling the lady and sharing the photo.

Other people praised the woman for "actually taking the moment in", instead of living life through the lens of a smartphone.

A timely reminder to live for the moment.

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