The #libdemdisco was better than your Saturday night


Every year the Liberal Democrats hold a 'Lib Dem disco' at their party conference, and for the last few years they've been hashtagging it. This creates excellent entertainment for us all, enough to cheer you up on a less-than-Summery Sunday.

Disproving their obsolescence in British society, the Liberal Democrats have been entertaining us all with #libdemdisco, and have become extremely likeable for a few hours.

The Mirror's Mikey Smith, spent much of this year's disco held in Brighton, creating political disco Vines, and they're probably the best hangover cure known to humankind.

The former Member for Cambridge, Julian Huppert has been using his free time (channeling Ed Balls) to work on these killer moves.

Paddy Ashdown is nearly always the best feature, but this year Simon Hughes dancing to 'Simply the Best', belies any claims he's been losing his spark since he lost Bermondsey and Old Southwark.

'The Macarena', a song about someone cheating on their soldier boyfriend, was, as ever, a guaranteed floor filler.

Do not be mistaken, this is a serious affair. They have sponsorship from umbrella company UKMusic, a DJ competition, and it seems Jo Swinson is the club promoter.

Once the youngest member of the House of Commons, and a business minister, Swinson is probably uniquely qualified to manage the pre-disco hype.

Swinson was the reigning champion, and according to the official Lib Dem Disco Twitter account, she held onto her crown (unfortunately not East Dunbartonshire).

Oh thank god, Ashdown was indeed present, somehow making a sweatshirt thrown over the shoulders absolutely work for him.

The disco closed with the acclaimed banger, 'Reach' by S Club 7. The song choice is quite sweet, suggesting an optimistic plan to achieve more than 8 MPs at the next election.

But who cares? This looks like the conference worth attending for fun value, given the only video to go viral from the last Tory conference was Liz Truss talking about pork.

indy100 would like to know if NWA's 'F*ck the Police' was played, in a playful poke at leader Tim Farron's former ring tone? If it was, this secret has been kept under wraps.

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