The man who dressed as Elsa from Frozen with his daughter is our dad of the year

We're barely three months into 2015, Father's Day isn't until June, but we're calling it - this guy right here is dad of the year.

This weekend photos appeared online of a dad, dressed as Elsa from Frozen, on the Tube with his daughter, who was dressed as Olaf.

The first photo to get attention was this one, which appeared on reddit with the caption "It seemed like a fun idea".

While Frozen Dad, as he has become known or if not inevitably will be, seemed a bit grumpy in the first pic, this image later appeared:

Reddit user Wabbeyen claimed to have some background knowledge, writing: "Bit of background info as they are from my town, that is his daughter and they are going to a Frozen Sing Along in London. The dad is a really good tattoo artist and owns a tattoo parlour here."

Then, later still, we got this, via Twitter:

As Elsa/Idina Menzel sings in the ubiquitous Let It Go:

I don't care / What they're going to say / Let the storm rage on / The cold never bothered me anyway!

If you know Frozen Dad, let him know we'd like to speak to him, possibly to hand out an award.

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