The man whose wife cut off his penis and then threw it out a car window has spoken
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Twenty-thred years ago John Bobbitt made headlines when his wife Lorena cut off his penis and subsequently threw it from the window of a moving car.

Fans of the film Fight Club will remember Tyler Durden make reference to the incident, such was the potency of the story in the consciousness of Americans.


Now, over two decades later, Bobbitt has spoken about the events of 23 June 1993.

Appearing on the show Scandal Made Me Famous, Bobbitt recounted what occurred in their home in Manassas, Virginia.

I had no idea she cut it off. She it did so fast and ran so fast. I thought maybe I saw a little bit of her in my peripheral running out the bedroom door but I looked down, there's blood everywhere.

Lorena stole $100 from his wallet and fled the scene, still carrying the knife she had used in one hand, and his severed penis in the other.

While John scrambled around, trying to stem the flow of blood, and wake up his friend Bobby to take him to the hospital, Lorena fled in their car.

Unsure what to do with the severed member, she threw it from the window close to their home.

When John was told by doctors that they might not be able to sew it back on, even if it was located, John said.

I'm like, I don't still want to live at that point.

He states that the news made him suicidal.

The choice of body part was specific. When she was being taken into custody the night of the event, Lorena reportedly said.

He always have orgasm [sic], and he doesn't wait for me ever to have orgasm. He's selfish.

At the trial John was accused of sexually and physically abusing Lorena over an extended period of time. He was later acquitted of rape, but the jury found Lorena not guilty due to 'insanity' causing an 'irresistible impulse'.

In the aftermath of events John formed a band called The Severed Parts and he also appeared in spoof adult films centred around his missing penis, John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncutand Frankenpenis.

For the interview, see the video below.

The full episode will air on Saturday night.

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