Is your relationship completely terrible?

Do you often look at your partner with an expression nothing short of loathing and disdain?

Well, there's one thing standing in the way of bliss, according to therapists.

You are probably rubbish at talking to each other.

"The number one problem in marriage is effective communication," psychotherapist Laura Young told Self for Huffington Post.

"This includes how to argue with your spouse and not threaten to leave the relationship during a fight, as well as how to recognise that the annoying behaviours you feel are now intolerable have probably always been there.

"Perhaps you even felt they were adorable at one point."

Other problems commonly faced by couples include:

  • Not having fun together

  • Being too busy

  • Being too insensitive

  • Being too sensitive
  • Codependency

In sum, you might be better off alone... Just try not to be too sad about it.

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