The photos of Disney World during Hurricane Matthew are the eeriest thing you'll see today

Louis Dor
Sunday 09 October 2016 13:30
Picture:(GREGG NEWTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Disney World is notorious for almost never closing its doors.

However, the Florida parks closed on Friday in the face of 100mph winds from Hurricane Matthew.

The company said it would waive Disney Resort cancellation fees and help guests reschedule booked flights, while providing food and entertainment in resort hotels to keep guests entertained.

As a result, the parks were largely deserted - apart from a few brave souls who took a few opportune photos of the abandoned parks.

If you've ever seen a post-apocalype film, these should seem familiar.

The Magic Kingdom closed:

As was the Animal Kingdom:


And Hollywood Studios:

It's all a bit too eerie for us.

The closure was only the resort's fifth since opening in 1971, CNBC reported.

The parks reopened on Saturday, according to Disney World's website.

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